SKETCH DESIGNS’ role as design architects is to transform the abstract ideas of our clients into innovative design concepts and through the reviews and dialogue, develop the approved concept into a functional, comfortable and cost-effective design solution that is climate friendly and equates to timeless aesthetic appeal and value. People spend more time indoors at their workplace, the places of entertainment or shopping and their home. In today’s competitive and stressful lifestyle a cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever. The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice. We have a total solutions package that comprises complete project management services. This is a highly professional and structured plan, where for a convenient fee-based package – we take over everything from project planning to recruitment of design professionals, engineering professionals and contractors, equipment sourcing, enforcing quality & cost controls and managing the entire process – till completion.
Remodeling the existing building design & its structure involves strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions. We have developed special architectural design skills for the renovating & remodeling the designs of old structures without having to demolish the whole structure and transform the antiquated spaces and building structures into eloquent contemporary design expression. We have developed a taskforce of dedicated and committed personnel who are skilled to decipher and implement the design instructions with utmost precision and facilitate our client’s. Our taskforce confirm to nothing less than the high standards of construction at competitive prices. We have also provide only designing presentation with detail drawings and 3d presentation with the estimate, time schedule, and material quantity for our clients to consider the cost and time factor of project.